1. Have you been following this up coming election? Yes, I have been following this upcoming election.
  2. Do you know who the presidential candidates are?  (who?) Yes, Barack Obama with Joe Biden for the democratic party and John Mccain with Sarah Palin for the republican party.
  3. Are politics a conversation in your household? No, the only person concerned about politics in my family is my sister and she dosen’t talk about it too much.
  4. Do you know if your family leans more towards being a democrat or a republican? I think my parents would leans more  towards democrat.
  5. Do you consider yourself to follow in their footsteps? Yes, I am going to be a democrat as long as some day i make over 250,000$ annually.
  6. Do you feel that you should have the right to vote at your age? No, i think most people my age don’t truly understand what a good president should be like.
  7. Why do you feel that this election is different than previous elections? I think these elections are different from previous elections simply because no matter who wins it will be a different experience for America, either we will end up with the first black president or the first female vice-president.
  8. Why should you value your right to vote? I should value my right to vote because i live in a country where my opinion matters and my vote will change who runs my country.
  9. If you could change one thing about the world around you, what would it be? For presidents to be able to serve as many terms as the people want them to.