1.  What is an action word? “The action words are to help you use what is called ‘active voice’ versus ‘passive voice’ in your resume.

2.  What is a Self Descriptive word? A Self Descriptive word is for when you describe your own self or attributes

3.  What is the importance of using action and self descriptive words? Action and Self Descriptive words add a certain professional take to your resume.

1.  Why is a bulleted style in your resume more reader friendly? Bullet point style is a lot easier to read then paragraph and it helps your resume stick out.

2.  How long does your potential employer scan your resume for? Usually  a potential employer scims through your resume between two and twenty seconds

3.  List the ways in which you could potential “clutter your resume”. You can avoid cluttering your resume by eliminating parenthesis and using commas, and scratching of unimportant dates.

1.  What are three tips you learned from this site? Some things I learned from this site are that to get the perfect Job you must market yourself, to spend sufficient time on your resume and to order your resume backwards in chronological order.

1.  What does giving your resume a face lift mean? giving your resume a face lift is when you fix it by adding color to make it distinctive and getting rid of useless or old information.

2.  Why do you have to keep your resume up to date? You should keep your resume up to date because it may add more distinguishing reasons as to why your a better candidate for that job.

3.  When you are looking for a job out of college, will you include your elementary school under the education section? You shouldn’t include your elementary school education on your resume for jobs outside of college.