1. What is this story about? This story is about a boy named Ryan who was continually harassed by a bully to the point where the bully jokingly suggested suicide and Ryan did so, only to end his torment.
2. What should Ryan have done to stop the bullying? Ryan should have told someone of what was going on. What should anyone do if they are being bullied? Anyone who is being bullied should trust and confront an adult about it
3. Why do you think bully’s make fun or torment people? Most bullies are either upset with their own lives or are very self conscious so they pick on those who don’t seem to be the same.
4. How do you think Ryan’s bully feels? I could only imagine how distraught the bully in this tragic story must feel by knowing that his actions alone, caused another human being to take a life.
5. Did you ever think the story was going to end like this? You always hear of stories about kids who get seriously hurt by bullying, whether it be emotional or physical, but only a very select few stories end with a person taking his or her own life.