1. How does the process of getting music today differ from the 1990’s? Now a days you can download music from your computer without leaving your home to get a cd.
2. How did the Record industry test to see if consumers would download and burn music on their computers? By selling cd burners.
3. Who discovered Napster? Shawn Fanning
4. What demographic was first to catch the Napster bug? College students who wanted to share music.
5. Napster was not only free music but it offered a free web community. What does Napster remind you of today as a social net worker? Napster reminded me of myspace in the sense that you could communicate with your friends on myspace like on napster.
6. Do you think Napster was fair to music industry? I believe pirating music is very unfair because an artist put in a lot of effort into making music but if someone posts it online as a free download then it ruins not only his revenue but his self esteem.
7. Why is Napster illegal? Napster didn’t stop uploading copywright music without consent so it was shut down.
8. What application took over for Napster in the battle of downloading music? Shazam.
9. You-tube has become a world-wide sensation. Why is You Tube considered to be reminiscent of Napster? Youtube is like napster in the sense you can upload content and network with friends at the same time.
10. What is web 2.0? The new generation of internet.
11. Who founded facebook? Mark Zuckerburg.
12. What college did facebook first launch from? Harvard University.
13. What is the meaning a social graph? A term Facebook uses to describe there Network.
14. Which social network was first (myspace or facebook)? Myspace.
15. Which social network is larger(myspace or facebook)? Myspace.
16. What do people blog about? People tend to blog about how there day went and use a blog almost like a journal.
17. How has the life of a journalist change? Journalism is still a very important career only its importance has slightly dulled since people can now use wikipedia and google.
18. What can you find on craigslist? Craigslist is a search engine that only uses newspapers.
19. Are the classifieds on Craigslist expensive? Not at all infact there free.
20. How is Wikipedia abused by it’s users? Wikipedia can be edited by anyone so anyone can edit it and make it different or inaccurate information.
21. How much of Wikipedia is accurate? Only 90% of wikipedia is accurate.
22. What do you think is next for the world wide web? The next big thing i believe will be whatever I invent when i drop out of college.