1. How would you explain what the recession is? the recession is basically when a country has a huge fall in sales of their major profits.
2. What can you say about the college process with the understanding of the recession? With recession comes less pardoning on lending money so student loans have bigger and bigger interest rates as the economy’s problems work.
3. If you are struggling financially, what are some ways you could get extra money for school? Although it is harder to do now, you can find a job to maintain during school and you can also see if you qualify for private student loans.
4. How would you summarize the college process with the understanding of expensive college cost and paying back loans? Basically people go to college, pay for college with loans and then go home and work for 3 years to pay off the loans and then move ahead, it is a daunting task but it is unavoidable to some of us.
5. Can you explain why college bound students are worried if they can afford college or not? The economy has turn college into a question of “can I pay for it” before asking “can I make it”.
6. Why is higher education important? Now a day’s job’s are demanding higher learning degrees and bachelor degrees are now becoming GEDs.
7. What facts or ideas from these clips show the struggle between the college students and paying back their students loans?The clip that stuck out to me most was the girl who was significantly smarter then her classmates but was going to have to switch schools because of costs.
8. Do you think you are going to make your college decision based on how much it costs or how much you want to go there? I believe that when I pick a college, the factor of its cost is going to come before how much I would rather go there.
9. What choices can you make in deciding what school to go to? You can reason out the schools you wouldn’t rather go to but its obvious that if you have an economic problem then a private school is going to be too difficult.
10. Do you feel that what we have been doing in class with the college budget has been beneficial to your level of understanding in the college process? Yes, I believe the _budget project has significantly altered my choices of colleges and back up schools as well.