Alex Castro
Mrs. Fagan
17 February 2009
College is important. College is also hard to get into in some cases. One of the biggest reasons for students not getting into the college they want, is usually due to SAT and ACT exams. The SAT and ACT can be intimidating and may seem difficult but it can also be simple with the right preparation.
SAT’s are exams that test your math, grammar, and creative thinking. It also tends to be filled with trick questions, so make sure to take your time and think of every question. The SAT is a bit different from other tests in the sense that they deduct points for incorrect answers so you should not just guess on questions you left blank, if you want you should make an educated guess but canceling out some of the answers and then pick the answer you feel is the closest to the right answer.
The math section of the SAT is almost all basic algebra and geometry with a few problems from pre algebra and other mathematic branches. The Grammar section is filled with questions about defining words and the best synonym and/or antonym for a word. The writing section is a part of the SAT in which you have to write an essay on a topic as fast and accurate as you can in the allowed time. You should brush up on all these subjects while studying.
The SAT may seem overwhelming but anybody can pass it with preparation. First off, it is ok if you do not do so hot the first time as your are allowed retaking the SAT as many times as you want, at different dates. You should also stay focused and don’t worry about the time, that way you don’t make too many simple errors. Most importantly, you should study hard and make sure to study everything as a perfect grade in one section wont make up for two horrible other sections.
The SAT is a difficult test only if you make. Make sure to study and use your time management skills and keep your focus. Most importantly make sure top keep your focus as a few silly mistakes will really make the difference between you and another student applying to your school of choice.