Just like everyday, I woke up feeling very tired, as if I hardly slept at all. As I was trying to motivate myself to get out of bed, a bright light caught my eye . As the light began to memorize my face, I realized there was a moving spot light and a loud noise. My curiosity began to fly as I had only ever imaged these colors in my dreams. I jumped out of bed and walked slowly up to my window. I reached my hand out to unfold the secret the rest of the curtain was hiding. As I gently began to pull the rest of the curtain to the left, I was blinded by this light. Stunned, I fell back and rubbed my eyes. As my sight came back both curtains now closed off the light.
I walked back up to the window and with no reservations, I opened the curtains with both hands and saw… a helicopter, it was the FBI, I quickly ran to my Ferrari 360 Modena in the robogarage and sped off. I was driving on route 17 zig zaging to avoid the cars, I thought I had lost the helicopter but, all the cars on the road slowly started disappearing and that was when I noticed, the CIA must have been closing of the road! I notice something of into to the distance, I looked closely and realized it was a roadblock set up, with tire spikes. I didn’t know what to do but then I remembered I just had my buddy Cesar install hydraulics on the car so I used them to hop over the spikes. About twenty miles later I noticed I was running out of fuel so I ditched the car without a worry because I still have the Porsche Carerra GT and the Mustang. So I Ran off to my safe house and layed low for a while playing Madden 09 and eating Chinese food, and that’s the life of super secret agent Castro.