I just got shipwrecked and you are out at sea on a raft, alone. There is nothing in sight but never ending waves. In the distance, I see a shiny object. As it floats towards me, with every roll of the waves, it appears to look like a rock. Yet, the closer it gets to me, I notice that it is really a diamond, a big one too. Finally, I reach in the water and I grab it. I then notice a pier, and as I focus on it I saw that I was right by New York City so use my feat to paddle my way to the pier. I climb up the stairs by the wall and call for a taxi and go home. We finally arrive there and I go inside and tell my sister to go pay the taxi driver so she can do something useful. The next day I go to get the diamond appraised and find out it is worth fifteen million dollars, I am later hospitalized with a heart attack but I quickly recover because I can afford the best health care.
I go to a fancy auction house and put the diamond up for auction and the prince of Saudi Arabia bids 50 million dollars just because he wants it so bad. Before I go off and just blow my money I decide to invest so I make my own sports bar and I had my chefs make the absolute best boneless buffalo wings (better then Chili’s) and the best sushi (better then Bomgards) and on Sundays everything is half priced to anyone wearing a patriots jersey, next I donate 10 million dollars to cancer research and 10 million to diabeties research. I use the remaining money to buy the coolest looking condo in New York with see-through walls so everyone can be hating. I buy the first ever 172 inch TV which takes up the whole wall.