You are in your bed trying to fall asleep. You flip from left to right and stare at the ceiling for a while.  Everything about your day is being replayed in your mind and you would give anything to just fall asleep to escape to la la land.  Out of no where, something hits you in the forehead.  Unsure of what it is, you spring up and scan the room for anyone or anything.  As you go to grab the flash light that you have hidden under your bed,a little voice greets you with a “hello”.  You answer, “Who’s here?  Who are you?  Where are you?”  The little voice says, “I am Carmine and I am the prince of Little-Land. I am down here”  You look down, and you still cannot see where this little voice is coming from.  “I apologize, but I think I’m going crazy.  Where are you?”  All of a sudden you feel something that hits you on your chin.  Your eyes focus on your chin and you and notice a little man standing on your face.”
Carmine the prince or Little-Land began to tell me how he got lost and ended up in New Jersey, he was afraid due to the fact I’m so big and have such cut biceps but I told him “it’s OK I won’t hurt you”. I then let him use my weight room and I even gave him some of my special muscle milk but nothing, he was still so weak so I told him”It’s OK because your mind and heart is strong and that’s all that matters” and he replied “Thanks Alex “pick six” Castro your awesome” and so I told him “It is what it is” and so Carmine went back to Little-Land and lived happily ever after the end.