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1. Magazines feel that an ideal body type is someone who is insanely thin, even if it is at the expense of the person’s health.
2. Perfection is a state of being in which someone or something has no flaws.
3.Yes, I wish I had a six pack like Ryan Reynolds because he was beast in that Blade movie and X-men movie.
4.Yes, i now believe celebrities are always trying to fit society’s definition of perfect.
5. Not really.

Bobby Dicrisi

Bobby Dicrisi



Pakistan killed over 50 Taliban army personal in a 24 hour crackdown. This effort didn’t come without it’s price. There 10 Pakistani militants kidnapped by people who are believed to be Taliban associated.

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The H1N1 Virus (swine influenza) is the virus everyone has been talking about. Scientists believe it originated somewhere in Mexico and managed to spread to over 300 people across 11 countries. The only people who have died however where only citizens in Mexico and one Mexican immigrant in the United States. Scientists are also confused seeing as how Mexicans are suppose to be a healthy demographic being used to live in poor conditions.

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Two teenage boys in Missouri enjoyed playing cops and robbers, they often used toy guns or blow guns until one boy used a knife. Michael Barton, a 17 year old boy, was playing with his neighborhood friend, Quantel Lotts, a 14 year old boy, when the game to a turn for the worst and Quantel stabbed Michael. Michael died when he reached the hospital. Lotts was sentenced to life without a chance of parole and is one of the 73 cases in which a person has been sentenced to this extent while in between the ages of 13 and 14.

You are in your bed trying to fall asleep. You flip from left to right and stare at the ceiling for a while.  Everything about your day is being replayed in your mind and you would give anything to just fall asleep to escape to la la land.  Out of no where, something hits you in the forehead.  Unsure of what it is, you spring up and scan the room for anyone or anything.  As you go to grab the flash light that you have hidden under your bed,a little voice greets you with a “hello”.  You answer, “Who’s here?  Who are you?  Where are you?”  The little voice says, “I am Carmine and I am the prince of Little-Land. I am down here”  You look down, and you still cannot see where this little voice is coming from.  “I apologize, but I think I’m going crazy.  Where are you?”  All of a sudden you feel something that hits you on your chin.  Your eyes focus on your chin and you and notice a little man standing on your face.”
Carmine the prince or Little-Land began to tell me how he got lost and ended up in New Jersey, he was afraid due to the fact I’m so big and have such cut biceps but I told him “it’s OK I won’t hurt you”. I then let him use my weight room and I even gave him some of my special muscle milk but nothing, he was still so weak so I told him”It’s OK because your mind and heart is strong and that’s all that matters” and he replied “Thanks Alex “pick six” Castro your awesome” and so I told him “It is what it is” and so Carmine went back to Little-Land and lived happily ever after the end.

I just got shipwrecked and you are out at sea on a raft, alone. There is nothing in sight but never ending waves. In the distance, I see a shiny object. As it floats towards me, with every roll of the waves, it appears to look like a rock. Yet, the closer it gets to me, I notice that it is really a diamond, a big one too. Finally, I reach in the water and I grab it. I then notice a pier, and as I focus on it I saw that I was right by New York City so use my feat to paddle my way to the pier. I climb up the stairs by the wall and call for a taxi and go home. We finally arrive there and I go inside and tell my sister to go pay the taxi driver so she can do something useful. The next day I go to get the diamond appraised and find out it is worth fifteen million dollars, I am later hospitalized with a heart attack but I quickly recover because I can afford the best health care.
I go to a fancy auction house and put the diamond up for auction and the prince of Saudi Arabia bids 50 million dollars just because he wants it so bad. Before I go off and just blow my money I decide to invest so I make my own sports bar and I had my chefs make the absolute best boneless buffalo wings (better then Chili’s) and the best sushi (better then Bomgards) and on Sundays everything is half priced to anyone wearing a patriots jersey, next I donate 10 million dollars to cancer research and 10 million to diabeties research. I use the remaining money to buy the coolest looking condo in New York with see-through walls so everyone can be hating. I buy the first ever 172 inch TV which takes up the whole wall.

Just like everyday, I woke up feeling very tired, as if I hardly slept at all. As I was trying to motivate myself to get out of bed, a bright light caught my eye . As the light began to memorize my face, I realized there was a moving spot light and a loud noise. My curiosity began to fly as I had only ever imaged these colors in my dreams. I jumped out of bed and walked slowly up to my window. I reached my hand out to unfold the secret the rest of the curtain was hiding. As I gently began to pull the rest of the curtain to the left, I was blinded by this light. Stunned, I fell back and rubbed my eyes. As my sight came back both curtains now closed off the light.
I walked back up to the window and with no reservations, I opened the curtains with both hands and saw… a helicopter, it was the FBI, I quickly ran to my Ferrari 360 Modena in the robogarage and sped off. I was driving on route 17 zig zaging to avoid the cars, I thought I had lost the helicopter but, all the cars on the road slowly started disappearing and that was when I noticed, the CIA must have been closing of the road! I notice something of into to the distance, I looked closely and realized it was a roadblock set up, with tire spikes. I didn’t know what to do but then I remembered I just had my buddy Cesar install hydraulics on the car so I used them to hop over the spikes. About twenty miles later I noticed I was running out of fuel so I ditched the car without a worry because I still have the Porsche Carerra GT and the Mustang. So I Ran off to my safe house and layed low for a while playing Madden 09 and eating Chinese food, and that’s the life of super secret agent Castro.

Alex Castro
Mrs. Fagan
17 February 2009
College is important. College is also hard to get into in some cases. One of the biggest reasons for students not getting into the college they want, is usually due to SAT and ACT exams. The SAT and ACT can be intimidating and may seem difficult but it can also be simple with the right preparation.
SAT’s are exams that test your math, grammar, and creative thinking. It also tends to be filled with trick questions, so make sure to take your time and think of every question. The SAT is a bit different from other tests in the sense that they deduct points for incorrect answers so you should not just guess on questions you left blank, if you want you should make an educated guess but canceling out some of the answers and then pick the answer you feel is the closest to the right answer.
The math section of the SAT is almost all basic algebra and geometry with a few problems from pre algebra and other mathematic branches. The Grammar section is filled with questions about defining words and the best synonym and/or antonym for a word. The writing section is a part of the SAT in which you have to write an essay on a topic as fast and accurate as you can in the allowed time. You should brush up on all these subjects while studying.
The SAT may seem overwhelming but anybody can pass it with preparation. First off, it is ok if you do not do so hot the first time as your are allowed retaking the SAT as many times as you want, at different dates. You should also stay focused and don’t worry about the time, that way you don’t make too many simple errors. Most importantly, you should study hard and make sure to study everything as a perfect grade in one section wont make up for two horrible other sections.
The SAT is a difficult test only if you make. Make sure to study and use your time management skills and keep your focus. Most importantly make sure top keep your focus as a few silly mistakes will really make the difference between you and another student applying to your school of choice.