1. How would you explain what the recession is? the recession is basically when a country has a huge fall in sales of their major profits.
2. What can you say about the college process with the understanding of the recession? With recession comes less pardoning on lending money so student loans have bigger and bigger interest rates as the economy’s problems work.
3. If you are struggling financially, what are some ways you could get extra money for school? Although it is harder to do now, you can find a job to maintain during school and you can also see if you qualify for private student loans.
4. How would you summarize the college process with the understanding of expensive college cost and paying back loans? Basically people go to college, pay for college with loans and then go home and work for 3 years to pay off the loans and then move ahead, it is a daunting task but it is unavoidable to some of us.
5. Can you explain why college bound students are worried if they can afford college or not? The economy has turn college into a question of “can I pay for it” before asking “can I make it”.
6. Why is higher education important? Now a day’s job’s are demanding higher learning degrees and bachelor degrees are now becoming GEDs.
7. What facts or ideas from these clips show the struggle between the college students and paying back their students loans?The clip that stuck out to me most was the girl who was significantly smarter then her classmates but was going to have to switch schools because of costs.
8. Do you think you are going to make your college decision based on how much it costs or how much you want to go there? I believe that when I pick a college, the factor of its cost is going to come before how much I would rather go there.
9. What choices can you make in deciding what school to go to? You can reason out the schools you wouldn’t rather go to but its obvious that if you have an economic problem then a private school is going to be too difficult.
10. Do you feel that what we have been doing in class with the college budget has been beneficial to your level of understanding in the college process? Yes, I believe the _budget project has significantly altered my choices of colleges and back up schools as well.

1. How does the process of getting music today differ from the 1990’s? Now a days you can download music from your computer without leaving your home to get a cd.
2. How did the Record industry test to see if consumers would download and burn music on their computers? By selling cd burners.
3. Who discovered Napster? Shawn Fanning
4. What demographic was first to catch the Napster bug? College students who wanted to share music.
5. Napster was not only free music but it offered a free web community. What does Napster remind you of today as a social net worker? Napster reminded me of myspace in the sense that you could communicate with your friends on myspace like on napster.
6. Do you think Napster was fair to music industry? I believe pirating music is very unfair because an artist put in a lot of effort into making music but if someone posts it online as a free download then it ruins not only his revenue but his self esteem.
7. Why is Napster illegal? Napster didn’t stop uploading copywright music without consent so it was shut down.
8. What application took over for Napster in the battle of downloading music? Shazam.
9. You-tube has become a world-wide sensation. Why is You Tube considered to be reminiscent of Napster? Youtube is like napster in the sense you can upload content and network with friends at the same time.
10. What is web 2.0? The new generation of internet.
11. Who founded facebook? Mark Zuckerburg.
12. What college did facebook first launch from? Harvard University.
13. What is the meaning a social graph? A term Facebook uses to describe there Network.
14. Which social network was first (myspace or facebook)? Myspace.
15. Which social network is larger(myspace or facebook)? Myspace.
16. What do people blog about? People tend to blog about how there day went and use a blog almost like a journal.
17. How has the life of a journalist change? Journalism is still a very important career only its importance has slightly dulled since people can now use wikipedia and google.
18. What can you find on craigslist? Craigslist is a search engine that only uses newspapers.
19. Are the classifieds on Craigslist expensive? Not at all infact there free.
20. How is Wikipedia abused by it’s users? Wikipedia can be edited by anyone so anyone can edit it and make it different or inaccurate information.
21. How much of Wikipedia is accurate? Only 90% of wikipedia is accurate.
22. What do you think is next for the world wide web? The next big thing i believe will be whatever I invent when i drop out of college.

1. What is this story about? This story is about a boy named Ryan who was continually harassed by a bully to the point where the bully jokingly suggested suicide and Ryan did so, only to end his torment.
2. What should Ryan have done to stop the bullying? Ryan should have told someone of what was going on. What should anyone do if they are being bullied? Anyone who is being bullied should trust and confront an adult about it
3. Why do you think bully’s make fun or torment people? Most bullies are either upset with their own lives or are very self conscious so they pick on those who don’t seem to be the same.
4. How do you think Ryan’s bully feels? I could only imagine how distraught the bully in this tragic story must feel by knowing that his actions alone, caused another human being to take a life.
5. Did you ever think the story was going to end like this? You always hear of stories about kids who get seriously hurt by bullying, whether it be emotional or physical, but only a very select few stories end with a person taking his or her own life.

I thought that President Barrack Obama’s speech was very inspirational. He seems like he is aware of all of our nations problems and has an outline on how to fix them. Barrack Obama also told us how we should be willing to compromise with our enemy as long as they’re wiling to “unclench their fist”. Most importantly he talked about how he and everyone else realizes we are in a huge economic crisis but, everyday he is creating jobs to help stimulate the economy, I personally believe Barrack Obama will be a great President.

Seventy one thousand and four hundred people have lost there jobs so far this week, and its only Monday…

“At least six companies from manufacturing and service industries announced cost-cutting initiatives that included slashing thousands of jobs. ” reports CNNmoney.com. Counting today, there have been over 200,000 people who have lost there job this year alone. Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, will lay off over 7000 workers , that’s nearly 2% of their entire staff nation wide. Texas Instruments will be cutting 3,400 of their workforce and ING will be saying goodbye to 7,000 of their employees due to a 1.3 billion dollar deficit. This seems to be the shaky start to 2009.

1.  What is an action word? “The action words are to help you use what is called ‘active voice’ versus ‘passive voice’ in your resume.

2.  What is a Self Descriptive word? A Self Descriptive word is for when you describe your own self or attributes

3.  What is the importance of using action and self descriptive words? Action and Self Descriptive words add a certain professional take to your resume.

1.  Why is a bulleted style in your resume more reader friendly? Bullet point style is a lot easier to read then paragraph and it helps your resume stick out.

2.  How long does your potential employer scan your resume for? Usually  a potential employer scims through your resume between two and twenty seconds

3.  List the ways in which you could potential “clutter your resume”. You can avoid cluttering your resume by eliminating parenthesis and using commas, and scratching of unimportant dates.

1.  What are three tips you learned from this site? Some things I learned from this site are that to get the perfect Job you must market yourself, to spend sufficient time on your resume and to order your resume backwards in chronological order.

1.  What does giving your resume a face lift mean? giving your resume a face lift is when you fix it by adding color to make it distinctive and getting rid of useless or old information.

2.  Why do you have to keep your resume up to date? You should keep your resume up to date because it may add more distinguishing reasons as to why your a better candidate for that job.

3.  When you are looking for a job out of college, will you include your elementary school under the education section? You shouldn’t include your elementary school education on your resume for jobs outside of college.

A business card can include many things to help aid your business. It can have a logo/design to attract attention. A business card usually also has contact information, and since business cards usually come in small sizes, it makes holding on to them more convenient. Business cards are a good way to span out knowledge of your business so you can have a bigger clientele, that’s why having a business card is important.

I am thankful for all the things I have been given, my nice home, my loving parents and all my possessions. I am also thankful for all the friends I have, who put up with the times I get annoying, I am thankful for going to such a great school and I am also thankful for my parent’s sacrifices for me to go there. Finally I am thankful for having a great teacher like Ms. Browne who is always kind when grading my homework assignments.

  1. Cyberbullying is basically verbal bullying over the internet whether it be thru AIM, Myspace or anything of that sort.
  2. “There are two kinds of cyberbullying, direct attacks (messages sent to your kids directly) and cyberbullying by proxy (using others to help cyberbully the victim, either with or without the accomplice’s knowledge). Because cyberbullying by proxy often gets adults involved in the harassment, it is much more dangerous. ” (stopcyberbullying.org)
  3. Cyberbullying is usually a result of anger or revenge.
  4. Everyone can prevent cyberbullying by teaching their children thats its just as wrong as any other kind of bullying.
  5. In the state of New Jersey cyberbullying is counted as normal bullying and cares out the same strictness and punishment.
  1. Currently the age minimum for Myspace is 14.
  2. I feel that the age minimum shouldn’t matter but minors shouldn’t be able to talk to adults unless they know them in real life like a family member or slighlty older friend.
  3. It’s only safe to list where you often go to if your Myspace is set to private, but if your Myspace isn’t then its dangerous to do that because anybody can find out where you are at certain times of the day.
  4. Posting surveys with your answers on them will only tell people more about you and make you more open to everyone.
  5. You should always be careful with what you write because it can be used against you.
  6. It’s not a good idea to put any photos that might give a hint to where you hang out or live.
  7. Posting pictures of you with your friends can even put your friends in danger.
  8. It’s not a good idea to put a link to an online gallery because galleries have loads of pictures and there’s more of a chance that you will give away some important information about yourself by doing so.
  9. I have a Myspace and i have 94 friends and i know all of them.
  10. No, I don’t go on my Myspace to often so my friends practically forget i have one.
  11. I change my location on my Myspace to Miami, Florida, only because all of my friends already know where i live so it’s pointless